Fashion is a Message; Šmíra-print s.r.o., Ostrava, 2015; 1750 Kč; 90 Euro; 115 USD

Fashion is a Message

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This huge publication comes out only in english. It contents ideas which influence the global fashion development since 70ties of 20th Century. It starts with the essey A Radical Concept of Physical Appearance by famous czech fashion theoretician PhD. Helena Jarošová.

There are more than 1000 drawings and photographs of author’s activities from 1960-1988 of such fashion territories like (for example) „Instant fashion“, Erotic clothes“, „Decorated faces“, and outstanding collections like „Eggs“, „Stones“, „Soft Knights“, „Brides“, „Butterflies“ and jewells for the whole body. The book ends with ritual text and photographs of the clothes which are not worn.

Size 297×240 mm,published by Šmíra-print, s.r.o. Ostrava, Czech Republic

2.200 CZK